Friday, January 21, 2011

House Hunters!

That's right.  We are house hunting.  Here's our theory:

If we are going to be here for a while, why waste all this money in renting a place when we could spend the same amount (or a bit more) per month and actually OWN a home? 

It can't hurt to just look.  Even if we don't find anything we absolutely love, at least we have our foot in the door and are a bit more knowledgeable for later.  We will also have more money saved up for later, which would definitely help with a down payment.

NOW is the time to buy.

There are lots of really nice, really foreclosed homes in this area.

I love growing up and getting older and doing the next "step" in life.  And I feel like this is the one.

While the mortgage payments could be pretty similar to our current rent, it's freakin' expensive to buy a house.  If things need fixed, if furniture needs purchased, if we need a lawnmower, not to mention a downpayment.  Stuff we didn't have to worry about before: it will hit us like a wall of bricks.

That's it.  More pros than cons.  I'm in.

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