Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Oh... There's a Difference Between Central and Eastern Time?

It's been a long time, bloggers.  One month to be exact.

We had a wonderful Christmas visiting family.  We had a fun New Years in York, PA.  There, I'm done with that.

I haven't been on here lately because we have been busy!  It's a good thing :-)

So, I start grad school TONIGHT.  I ended up getting accepted to the University of Illinois and I am studying Global Studies in Education.  The program is completely online.  I do not have to travel any farther west than 30 miles from the Atlantic Ocean (which also happens to be where I live!).  I am a bit nervous about our first class tonight because I have never used a headset/microphone with an online chat class before, so I'm worried that something technical will go wrong.  Hopefully it will all work out.

I have been going to the gym pretty regularly and always take this class on Wednesday evenings.  It is a mix of Tai Chi, Yoga, and Pilates.  I LOVE it.  Well, the class starts at 6:30 and lasts an hour.  I told a friend of mine there a few weeks ago that I wouldn't be able to come anymore starting today because my online class is from 7-9pm on Wednesdays.  I was pretty bummed about it, too.

Well, guess what, folks?  It turns out that I am a big dummie and didn't even THINK about the time change between Central Standard and Eastern Standard.  My class is from 8-10est.  That means I could have gone to my class at the gym... oh well.  Too late.

I will keep up to date about my grad school experiences.


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