Sunday, March 13, 2011

My Very First Race!

I ran my very first race yesterday!

The Ocean City St. Patty's Day Boardwalk 5K is officially my first race completed :-)

I ran it with Josh, his dad, and his brother.  Mom-in-law was there for support and picture-taking!  I LOOOVEEE themed things, so I was excited to dress up for St. Patrick's Day.  Plus, how can you not love a run on a nice Spring (almost) day next to the Atlantic Ocean?

I finished in 239th(!) place with a time of 30min and 45 seconds.  Not too bad for my first one, I think!  I was 30th place in my age group.   Exactly 238 runners finished before me and exactly 238 runners finished after me!

Josh's dad actually finished 4th in his age group! (And way before me, I might add).  Unfortunately, they only give out awards for the top three finalists in each age group, so he wasn't publicly recognized, but I still think it's pretty awesome, especially considering it was his first race.

Since the race was sponsored by an Irish Pub on the boardwalk, Shenanigans, all of the runners got free beer when we were finished.  Which we very much enjoyed at 9:30am.  Which also promptly required a nap immediately after said beer was finished.

I am registered for another 5K hosted by my school's PTA on April 9.  My only goal then is to beat my time from this run... even if it's just one second faster!

Here are some photos from our event:

All of the racers right before the race!
For some reason, I was in love with these balloons.  Do you like my clover necklace?
At the starting line.
Josh's dad crossing the finish line.
Josh's brother crossing the finish line.
I am crossing the finish line.
Josh crossing the finish line.
The four runners right after the race.
Me and Josh right after the race.
I am enjoying EVO, a local craft beer, after the race.
After the beer, in the cold, on the beach, right before the nap.

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