Tuesday, March 8, 2011

When I Have No More Patience...

... I listen to The Chieftains!

Have you heard of The Chieftains?  Hopefully.  If not, watch that video for sure!  The Chieftains are the most influential Irish band ever.  They are probably best credited with making traditional Irish music popular everywhere in the world.  It doesn't hurt that they are some of the best musicians I have ever heard.

Just YouTube some other videos of their stuff, you will be amazed.

Today was not the greatest day, unfortunately.  Our students had to take the MSA (the Maryland State Standardized Exam).  It was Day 1 of 4.  It was also my first time administering a state standardized test.  I felt really bad for the kids and while I was walking around and seeing the stressed looks on their faces, I started thinking, "WHY am I in this profession?!  This is stupid!"

So when it was over, I ate my lunch and taught my afternoon classes.  For whatever reason, though, I had little patience today.  Then I felt bad for not having patience.  Then I tried to get more patience and I couldn't.  Then I felt bad about that.

See, when I am not bubbly and chipper with my students I start to feel super guilty!  I shouldn't do that.

Anyway, tonight I am doing only things that make me happy.  I am alone because Josh is at a PTA meeting all night.  So I am eating Chinese food, watching Roseanne, doing grad school work (yes, that makes me kind of happy to get smarter), painting my nails, taking a bath, and listening to LOTS of The Chieftains!  You should too!

I will start you off... Just be amazed by the talent.


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