Tuesday, March 15, 2011

To Apply or Not to Apply...

...that is the question.

I picked up an application for a local (and delicious) coffee shop down the road from our house this morning.  I thought it would be really nice to have some extra dough over the summer.

Then I remembered last summer...

I was finishing up my job.  I had to pack a TON of stuff because my school was moving.  I was saying goodbye to all of my friends that I made during my 4 years of college and during my year of teaching in that city.  I was also saying goodbye to 600 students that I fell in love with.  Then my grandfather got really sick.  I was constantly worried about him and then he passed.  Then I had to miss the last few days of school to be with my family/attend viewings/funerals, etc.  Then I had two weeks before my wedding.  I had to hurry and get ready.  I had a wedding and immediately went on a honeymoon.  Then I came back.  Two days after that, I drove to Salisbury (6hrs away) and signed a lease for a townhouse.  Five days after that, we moved.  Then we went on a family vacation with my family.  Then I got back, set up my new classroom, did some teacher training, and the school year started over again.

I promised myself that I would never allow a summer like that to happen again.

We are also considering buying a house this summer, so that would be a big project in and of itself.

So, yeah, the coffee shop is out.

But Josh's school does offer a summer program that I could be a teacher for.  I could create my own schedule and teach whatever I wanted and get paid WAY more than a coffee shop could pay me.  So, I am considering one or two days a week teaching in Pocomoke.  But no more.  I promise :-)

I VOW to relax, run, and spend time with my husband at the beach!

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  1. I can validate, this family had a rough summer of 2010. We struggled at times, but we came together through it all. These are life's struggles which make us stronger as individuals and as a family!!! Summer of 2011---here we come.