Tuesday, March 29, 2011

This is My Way of Procrastinating

In the words of Ellen Degeneres, "Don't wait; procrastinate now!"

Yes, I need to write a book review for my grad school class.  Yes, I read the book.  Yes, it's due on Thursday.  Yes, I know, Thursday is Josh's birthday.  Yes, I'm very busy tomorrow evening so I must do it now.  Yes, I'm doing this instead.  This is how I feel:

Such a baby.
Today after school was over, we set up the huge projector screen in the gym and played Wii Zumba with some of the lady teachers at our school.  It was fun!  I think we are going to make it a weekly thing now.  But whoa, my legs still ache from Sunday's run.  

I have a busy week up ahead:  Tomorrow is school, go on a run, go to a pilates class, have my online class.  Thursday:  School, class at the gym, out to dinner for Josh's birthday.  Friday: School, go to the Washington Wizard's game with my school's ACE basketball team (I will update you about this later).  We won't get back from the game until after midnight on Friday, so Saturday is officially reserved for REST.

Wish me luck!  Have an AWESOME week and I will work on turning that frown upside-down!

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