Monday, March 28, 2011

Wow Weekend!

Friday after school I went to the gym, got Chinese food with our PE teacher, and came home and watched basketball all night.

Saturday I woke up, ate breakfast, and immediately got ready to go to Barnes & Noble.  They were hosting a book fair for my school and lots of our students were performing there throughout the day.  I had about 80 kids there, which was an excellent turnout.  The band, the orchestra, and various other classes performed as well.  Josh videotaped it with our flipcam.  I have not been able to figure out how to embed my flipcam videos on Blogger... can anyone help me with this?

Anyway, the performances went well.  I got home, went grocery store shopping, and made tacos because we had company.  The orchestra teacher at my school and her fiance came over Saturday for dinner.  It is really nice to finally be making friends in this new city.  It gives us stuff to do!

Then Sunday.  Oh me oh my.  I woke up, looked outside, and saw two inches of snow.  Also, it was 35 degrees.  What?!?!  It's the end of March for goodness sake!  Well, I promised myself a long run, so I did it anyway.  I wore gloves, earwarmers, compression shorts, pants, large socks, a wintery tank top, a CoolMax shirt, and a long sleeved shirt.  Yeah, the gloves were off within the first ten minutes.

When I walked outside and started running, I saw this and I had to take pictures with my phone:

What a great way to start a run, huh?!  It was beautiful and I had all the energy in the world!

I had to run through small patches of snow, which wasn't so bad.  The worst part was that the snow was really heavy and wet... and it was windy.  Every time I would run under a tree (and as you can see, there were lots of them) the wind would blow snow off the tree and it would conveniently land directly on my head or face.  Yes, I'm serious.  This happened many times.

In addition to that madness, I got lost.  I use a site called, which allows you to plug in any route in your area and it will tell you your distance, your height climbed, etc.  It's essentially an online GPS for runners.  Here is the map of the run that I was supposed to do:

Map Options

Map data ©2011 Google - Terms of Use
2 km
2 mi

Map data ©2011 Google - Terms of Use
1 km
1 mi


28 ftStart Elev
59.0 ftMax Elev
89.0 ftGain

As you can see, I basically just needed to do that loop 3 times and I would have done 10.98 miles.  It doesn't seem that difficult.  Well, I turned on a road called Dogwood instead of a road called Woodland, got lost for about 20 minutes, turned on several roads trying to get myself back, eventually found something familiar and went with it.  Well, when I got home, before I passed out, I mapped the run that I accidentally did (including the "*whoops* detour), and it added up to 11.02 miles, which is good.  My time was not good, however.  It took me a whopping two hours and five minutes.  Ouch.  But I am still proud of myself for running nonstop for two hours and five minutes.  That is definitely something that I would not have been able to do at any time in my past!  I am more confident than ever about the half marathon, too!

I literally spent the rest of the entire evening either in a hot bath, guzzling iced tea or water, eating, and reading in bed.  It turned out to be a very relaxing Sunday :-)

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  1. OMG girl! You are awesome! 11 miles?! I can barely run ten minutes non stop. Lol