Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Babysitter offering services FOR FREE!

My school has this thing...

Because I am a 'related arts' teacher... apparently I don't need a plan period for any reason. 

PP: "Oh, Mrs. M has a meeting at 8am FOR AN HOUR this morning?  Just ask Maria to babysit her class."

Maria: "Sure, I can do that."

I am a sucker.  The poor kids are supposed to be learning and I can't teach them math and reading, so I just sit there and babysit.  In the short school month of December, here is my babysitting schedule (as of now)

Dec 8 Mrs. W, 3rd Grade 8:15a-8:45a
Dec 8 Ms. M, 4th Grade, 8am-9am  (How am I supposed to pull both off on the same day?)
Dec 9 Mrs. M, 2nd Grade 2:45p-3:20p
Dec 15 Mrs. W, 3rd Grade 8:15-8:45
Dec 17 Ms. G, 3rd Grade 8-9a
Dec 18 Mrs. K, 2nd Grade 8:15a-9a

That is, until I get called unexpectedly and without notice... sorry, that was redundant.

***I SHOULD CLARIFY SOMETHING:  Don't get me wrong, I am INCREDIBLY lucky, happy, blessed, and thankful that I even have a job.  There are people who do not have jobs and I am being paid to play instruments and dance with children... for the most part.  I really do like it, but I think I will start charging $10 babysitting fee from now on :-)

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