Friday, December 18, 2009

There's just something about this time of year...

Why does XMAS still give me butterflies?!?! 

  • I know my gifts already (because I asked for things I need).
  • There is no excitement over getting to sleep before Santa gets here.
  • I used to love snow and winter.  I now hate snow and I hate cold.
  • I used to love buying gifts for people.  I still love giving things, but I wish they were free.
  • I do not enjoy sleeping in my mother's house.  I love my family, but I no longer have a bed there.  I sleep on my 10-yr old brother's bunk bed.
  • I get depressed seeing how much people spend on Christmas.  A friend told me an interesting fact: America spends $450 BILLION every year on XMAS.  Yes, really.  It would only take $10 billion to provide EVERYONE IN THE WORLD with fresh water... yeah, I am a party pooper.
  • I feel guilty when people spend money on me.
  • The list goes on...
YET... I still get butterflies around this time of year. 

Maybe it's becuase I am thinking of different things now that I am older.  Maybe because I am thankful for Jesus.  Or my fiance.  Or my job.  Or my happiness.  Or my friends.  Or my family.  Or my new beginning to life and marriage.  Or the fact that I am getting 11 days off work :)

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