Sunday, December 20, 2009

food that is not good for me.

I am making buffalo chicken dip tonight for the fiance and friends as a sort of celebration.  They have completed student teaching and have graduated with their degrees!  SO excited for them.  I will probably eat half of the stuff myself.  And I believe we are also celebrating with Jack and Diet coke :)  One of my favorites!

ALSO-super excited about the XMAS gift I bought for the FI yesterday.  An awesome silverish-grey Calvin Klein slim-fit dress shirt.  HAHA.  And a nice tie to go with it.  It was the first time I ever bought I tie.  WOW.  They are expensive.  They are made up of WAY less material than the shirt, yet cost almost just as much!  Silly.  I also bought him a tie rack!  That one is a complete surprise, but he really needs it and I am tired of seeing his ties laying everywhere in my...  achem... our closet.  And the movie 'The Hangover'!  I am so excited to see it.  He asked for it and probably knows he is getting it!

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