Saturday, December 5, 2009

Wedding Plans :)

I have some serious exciting DIY plans for our wedding.

The problem is:  I can't do them all because it will look ridiculous to have that much "stuff" going on.  So, I have chosen a few really exciting things that I WILL finish.

(My colors are red and pink... kind of girly, and not really 'me', but I really like the feel of the romantic thing)

Here they are:
  • For the ceremony:  DIY white tissue paper pomanders to hang in the aisles of the church.
  • Save the Dates:  I ordered 250 business cards with our info FOR FREE online (+ shipping), which I am going to attach to magnets and send with a picture.
  • Guest Book:  I found a REALLY cute idea on Martha Stewart Weddings, create cute little pieces of paper and envelopes of brightly colored paper and attach envelopes into a scrapbook.  The guest writes a message on the paper and finds an empty envelope in the book and places it in there for us to read later.
  • Centerpieces:  I have two different centerpieces because I have a lot of tables.  One is a plain vase with pink and white silk cherry blossom stems.  The others: a vase with water and dried curly willow branches inside.  On top: red tissue paper pomander.  Possibly with some ribbon around the vase.  (I found vases on for $1 ea.)
  • Place cards and table numbers:  I found the BEST IDEA EVER.  Each table has a "number" which is really the word 'love' in different languages.  So there will be a 'love' table, an 'amore' table, etc.  Each place card has the person's name and ______ table on it. SO cute.
  • In addition as sort of a favor: Each person will have a copy of a poem in their table's language on pretty paper sitting at their chair :)
  • Also at each place setting:  I have learned all kinds of paper and napkin folding techniques.  Each person will have their napkin folded in a fan and in the center will be an beautiful kusudama origami flower folded by yours truly.
  • My dad is making my huge and beautiful 5-tiered cake.  That is the epitome of Do-it-yourself.
  • Last, but not least:  Candy buffet.  I bought a bunch of different-shaped and -sized vases from Michael's which will be filled with pink and red candies.  Each person will have a beautiful favor bag (which I decorated) to fill with their selection of candies.

So excited!  Wish me luck!

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