Wednesday, December 23, 2009

To Grandmother's House We Go!

The MR. and I are headed off to visit family today after I get off work.

We will stop in Cumberland and spend tonight there.  Tomorrow (XMAS Eve) he is headed to York.  We are spending the actual holiday apart, which we have been doing every year.  We thought it would be nice to have our first Christmas together be our first Christmas as husband and wife.  I will miss him, but I am so excited about the following year that I am actually very happy that we have made that choice. 

He will be back on the 26th for my grandmother's XMAS party.  We will leave together to go back to York, probably on the 28th.  This is where we will spend the next few days to celebrate New Year's at our "usual", a family friend of his parents... a very good time :-)

This sounds great on paper.  However, I am a homebody.  Once I move, I make a place my "home".  Even though it is a small, some-what crappy apartment that we live in, I am proud to say that it is officially our home.  And since it is so, leaving for over a week literally scares the living geezes out of me! 

I am leaving my car at "home".  I am trying to remember to unplug everything.  I am trying to remember not to forget anything... ESPECIALLY MY PILLOW (the only thing that could possibly comfort me on our journey).  I will hopefully turn the heat off... it's expensive enough while we are living in it.  I just remembered that I forgot to hold our mail. 

And the kicker... the worst feeling in the world (for me) is coming "home" from a trip to a DIRTY house.  But, unfortunately, I didn't have the time lately to actually clean it.  It is relatively spick and span, but there's something about coming "home", knowing that you finally get to relax on your break, have nothing to do, and walk in and see dirt on the carpet.  Or see ONE dirty cup that you left out the morning you left.

That's okay, though.  I love my family.  I love his family.  I love spending time with them and seeing everyone.  But "home" is where my heart is :-)

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