Thursday, January 7, 2010

New Year :-)

It is Thursday and only our second day of school this week.  We had Monday and Wednesday off due to snow fall.  And it looks like tomorrow might be another one of those days.  We are expected to get some left-over lake-effect snow from this afternoon until SUNDAY.  That's a long time!  Nothing would make me happier than to know TONIGHT that school is canceled tomorrow.  I have some wedding things that I would like to do all day tomorrow.  Josh is working during the day, too, so I will be home alone listening to music and folding paper/preparing invitations/etc.  Then I think (if school is closed) that I will make a delicious chicken enchilada dinner for us :-)

On another note... I did, as I always do, make a "resolution" of sorts to be in shape this year.  I seem to always lose weight in the summer.  Two summers ago, I literally weighed about 28 lbs less than I do right now.  I was eating well, doing pilates EVERY days, running 2-4 miles EVERY day, toning up my arms with my 5lb weights, doing ab workouts, etc.  Then school started, then it got cold, then I got lazy.  Last summer, I was a little less motivated, but still was exercising regularly.  I love the way I feel when I am in shape and healthy... so WHY do I keep falling off the wagon?  Because it's easy. 

I have been working out for three days in a row now, and I'm hoping to go for four!  Wish me luck :-)
--Plus: I need to fit into my wedding gown without sucking in too much!

So, here's to 2010 (a BIG year for me and Josh)!
Help me pray for the following things that we need this year:

-Josh's first job
-my second job
-jobs in the same location
-a place to live
-health insurance... as well as good health
-$$$... at least enough to pay the bills and eat (that's all I am asking for in 2010)

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