Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Date Night

I had a wonderful evening last night.

We didn't have school on Monday (Thank you, Dr. King) and Josh and I accidentally got stuck watching that show, Intervention.  It's on A&E, I think.  Anyway, I couldn't stop watching it and ended up staying up forever.  Well I did have school the following morning.  It was actually a great day at school, but I was exhausted.  I went home, had some wheat thins and hummus (mmmm...)  and took a nap.  Josh woke me up two hours later and we started a puzzle!  What a great way to spend time together!  Just sitting and working on a puzzle.  Then we ate the dinner that I had prepared in the crock pot... white chicken chili!  We finished our puzzle while watching Roseanne, my favorite show.  Then I went back to bed and got lots of rest for today!  Probably the best day ever.  Full of comfort: Josh, naps, crackers, soup, puzzle, Roseanne, and bed.

On another note:  This morning while listening to the radio on the way to school, I heard something VERY weird.  Apparently, there is a Holiday Inn in London which pays people to warm your beds for you.  Say you know you will come to bed around 11:45pm.  You call the front desk and ask for your bed to be warmed.  They will send a REAL person up there at 11:40 to lay in your bed for five minutes before you get in it... SERIOUSLY.  This is real, people.  It sounds strange and weird, but to be honest, why didn't we think of this earlier?!?!  No one likes hopping into a cold bed.

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