Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wedding Updates!

So I just recieved a BUNCH of stuff in the mail.  Josh is starting to cringe every time he sees the UPS truck come up the road!  haha *whoops*

All DIY projects:

  • Just recently got all of the business card magnets and attached our Save the Dates to them.  That was fun.  Still not sure how I will send these out yet.
  • All of my invitations!  I am excited.  These are the kind you put together yourself.  Josh's mom is coming this weekend to help me put them together.
  • Huge box of styrofoam balls and HUGER box of the realest, coolest, most awesome 260 silk rose heads.  Which I will attach to the balls to make pomanders.  Seriously, the roses even feel like real roses.  I think it's in my mind, but when I open the box, I swear I smell them :-)
  • Josh's mom is also hemming all of our beautiful red silk table runners that I found for SUPER cheap.
Did I mention?  All of this stuff came from Ebay or on clearance/super cheap.  We are lucky! Can't wait! 

So, what do I have left to do, do you ask?
-We need to find Josh's ring--eek.
-Men's tuxes
-Possible hair/makeup appts--still not sure if I want to pay for this!
-Transportation for wedding party
-Bon-Ton registry and HONEYMOON registry
-Meet with our pastor for pre-marital course
-Make final arrangements for decoration
-wedding party gifts
-bridesmaid's dresses... buying them TODAY!
-place for me and Josh to stay the evening of the wedding

Almost there!  Just over 5 months!  :-)

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