Monday, April 26, 2010

60 Days!

Two months 'til our wedding.  Some thoughts that crossed my mind on this day:

  • I am going to be a wife in two months.  I better learn how to fold clothes better.
  • I wish my brother could be there.
  • I love Zumba.  I absolutely love it.  I hope to be a Zumba instructor some day.
  • I can't wait to start grad school. Wait... scratch that.  I can't wait to finish grad school.
  • I hate cancer.
  • I am currently eating dinner: rotisserie chicken and a glass of red wine.  Oh yes, and a dark chocolate truffle.
  • I punished a student today for doing something that just wasn't safe.  He didn't hurt anyone, but he could have.  He was terribly upset, because he is normally a wonderful student.  I felt really bad, but I apologized and explained to him why I chose to give him the reminder.  After that, I think he understood.  But he still cried a lot.
  • Josh and I both got interviews for Baltimore County!!! Woo-hoo.  But we can't go until June 9.  I was hoping to have a job by then! Oh, well.
  • I love rain.  I used to hate it.  But lately I have been thankful for our rain.
  • And another thing--I still hate bees.  But I am thankful for them.  And I am pleased to see them.  Then I run.
  • I want (more than almost anything) to have my very own classroom.  I love my job at my school right now.  But I keep thinking of the wonderful things I can try with my students once I have the access to floor space and instruments.  Let's hope for that next year!
  • And I am getting so fed up with this long hair.  I am literally getting it cut on the way to the airport to our honeymoon.
  • We are going to Cozumel in 62 days!  A picture of our resort:

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