Tuesday, April 13, 2010

An Exciting Week!

Such an exciting and jam-packed week.

Sunday: My first Sunday teaching The Incredibles, a Sunday School class at my church made up of autistic children.  I spent the majority of the rest of the day relaxing.  Well needed.  Had the most delicious sushi for dinner.

Monday: Back to school.  Writing Assessment week.  I have to be quiet this week.  Trying some new and pretty cool "quiet" projects with the kids.  Put a chicken salsa corn soup in the crock pot.  Went to Zumba!

Tuesday: Starting packing up my room at school for the end of the year.  Worked out.  Went shopping for wedding stuff with Josh.  Had dinner at a Mexican restaurant.

Wednesday:  Getting a new student at school.  She will be in my favorite class, the class that I teach made up of 4 (now 5) students with autism.  I literally cannot wait to meet her.  For some odd reason, I feel like I am adopting a child or something.  I will only see the girl twice per week!  Then the girls from my home group are coming over to help me finish my wedding invitations.  Then we have home group.

Thursday:  Lauren and Eli are coming over for dinner.  I am making lasagna and garlic bread.  SOOO excited!

Friday:  Going out for a friend's birthday... should be fun.

Saturday:  Orff workshop in the morning.  Then an old friend from high school is coming to Morgantown to hang out!!!   I literally cannot wait for this!  We haven't spent time together in about 3 years!  Mallory, Christine, and I are hopefully going to do some fun stuff :-)

Sunday: My second week with the Incredibles.  Then lunch at Red Lobster for another friend's birthday.  And hopefully mailing the invitations :o)  IS it just me, or does mailing the invitations seem like a HUGE step???  It seems like the Point of No Return!!!!  


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