Thursday, April 22, 2010


...well, actually, I am.  But only on my own time.  Outside of school.  Where I get paid directly from the parents of the children.

I did not earn a summa cum laude honor for a bachelor's degree of music education so that I could babysit a room full of fourth graders, miss ALL of my plan time without notice, and not be apologized to.

I did not work my butt off all week planning lessons for 6 classes only to not be able to teach them because I didn't have any time to put the materials on my CART that I wheel around to other classes so that THEY can have their plan times. 

Vent, rant, rave: over.

On the bright side:  one of my fourth grade classes is singing for a volunteer luncheon that our school is putting on.  They lit up my day today.  They learned a song perfectly in 35 minutes and can sing it and play it on recorder in 3 part harmony.  It was just beautiful.  The words to the song: 

Let me be a light for hope.
Let me be a light for peace.
From the seas below to the skies above,
Let me be a light for love.

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