Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Mmmmm... apple pie.

I am currently enjoying a hot piece of apple pie.  My second of the night.  And I am pairing it with a nice glass of red wine.  Not sure if they go together or not... they do in my book :-)

I had a very loonnnnggg Monday and Tuesday at school and today after work I made dinner for josh and a new friend :-)  Jenny is the elementary music teacher in Josh's district and came over to talk lessons.  We had chicken carbonara, rice pilaf, and steamed broccoli... and homemade apple pie.

This past weekend we took a trip to Cumberland to visit my family.  Here are the details of the last few days:

Friday: Go to work early and teach all day.  Get off at 4pm.  Go home and pack the car.  Drive 5 hours to Cumberland.  Get there and bake a cake.  Go to bed.

Saturday: Wake up at 5:45am, pack the car, drive to Morgantown for the game.  Pick up my sister (yay!), tailgate, game, birthday for step-dad and brother-in-law, go to dinner with Josh's family, drive back to Cumberland by 9pm, have a campfire with grandma, go to bed around 12.

Sunday: Wake up, do laundry, have breakfast/lunch at mom's house, pack the car AGAIN, drive the 5 hours back to Salisbury, unpack, get ready for school on Monday.

Monday: Wake up as usual for school, get ready, get in the car and.... it won't start.  Dead battery.  Call a taxi.  Late for work.  Get there flustered.  Teach 10 classes.  Go home.  Go to the gym for a class.  Have dinner.  Go to the grocery store while Josh goes to get me a new battery.  His Check Engine Light lights up on the way.  Replace the battery. Go to bed.

Tuesday: Go to school. Teach a bunch of classes, come home, start dinner, have dinner, talk about school stuff, eat apple pie, drink wine, blog.  Tonight I will pass outtt.......

Goodnight, world :-)

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  1. You have been one busy lady, sorry you've had car troubles. :(
    But glad you had a fun tailgating weekend!