Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Yeah for Us!

Today we did something that we should have done a long time ago:  Got gym memberships.

I was doing very well with exercise and eating healthy.  Not to make excuses--but this was literally why I have slacked off A LOT in the last few months:

  • Last day of school last year:  my grandfather dies.
  • Two weeks later: I get married.
  • Two days later: I go to Cozumel with Josh for a week.
  • Two weeks later: We move to the eastern shore.
  • Two weeks later: We go to the beach with my family.
  • Two weeks later: School starts.
  • Two days later: I realize what I am in for with this job.
  • Since then: So tired when I get home.  Also:  been very busy since then.
  • But most of all: We discovered a Rita's down the road. 
Now: No more excuses.  We signed up for a gym membership for a year.  No getting out of this one.  Here are all of the pros:
  • We get a VERY discounted rate for being teachers.
  • It's right down the road (across from Rita's)
  • The hours are really great.
  • With our membership--we get free Chipotle on Wednesdays.  Which means: If we go every Wed. we will get almost $60 of free food each month.  The gym membership has basically paid for itself!
  • They have lots of exercise classes: Which I LOVE!  Pilates and yoga and zumba and cycling!
Now I just have to cut down on the Rita's...


  1. I wish we had a Rita's near us! I also have got to get back in the gym. Sounds like you've been super busy and those are all excellent reasons to have not worked out.

  2. Wow... looks like it has been crazy for you that last few months...Yay for joining a gym! Starting somewhere new is always exciting esp. with all of those great classes! I have had wedding dress photos to keep me motivated over the last year but seriously free chipotle on wednesdays would have done it for me! lol

    I just found your blog on the weddingbee post and am following! Looking forward to reading more.