Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Best Honeymoon Story EVER--Part II (Scroll Down for Part I)

Once we finally got on the plane, both of our stomachs were hurting.  Neither of us likes to fly.  We find it terribly uncomfortable and awkward.

The flight itself was okay.  Only about 2 hours long.  We landed in Houston for our layover.  The layover was supposed to be almost two hours, but we were a bit late, so we had about 1 1/2 hours to kill.  We walked in to see that the customs line had about 400 people it.  I am not kidding.

We took our place in line.  At this point, Josh was having a hard time standing for so long.  He was getting dizzy and gradually feeling more and more sick.  There was no water in sight.

As a side note, while we were standing in line, I happened to run into one of my students' parents!  I also know them from my church.  So I talked to them a little.  They had just got back from a vacation to Costa Rica (one of my favorite places)!

OVER AN HOUR LATER, when we were about 15 people from the customs desk, Josh looks at me with glazed eyes and says "I don't think I can stand anymore.  I think I am going to pass out."  Just at that instant, a pregnant woman about 4 people in front of us passes out and hits the ground.  Once again, I am not kidding.

People start yelling "Emergency!"  "Help!"  "Emergency!".  Tons of people rush over, but I stay and stand with Josh just in case it happens to him, too!  Everyone rushed over except actual airport workers.  After a few minutes, an old, overweight woman with an airport uniform came strolling over.  She lifted the woman up to her feet and later another man come over with a chair.  They sat the woman in the chair and gave her a Huggie.  Yes, that's right, a huggie.  Remember?

Once they got the line moving again, we were almost to the end and there were only 25 minutes left until our flight was leaving!

I walked up to the customs lady with our passports, declarations, and boarding passes.  Just as I get up there and hand her the forms, I take a good look at Josh.  I immediately knew what was in store.  I say to the customs woman "He is going to throw up! Right now!"  She puts her trash can on the desk and Josh vomits into it and on her desk.  She starts to gag.  I am not kidding... be continued....

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