Sunday, July 18, 2010


When we got to our room in Cozumel, we were greeted with a fruit basket and a bottle of tequila  :)

The view from our room, with the ocean in the background.  This was taken the day we got there, as Hurricane Alex was leaving.  The sky looked much better a few days later.

Our adorable deck, fully equipped with hammock and frozen fruity drink.

A photo of some of the other "bungalows" at our resort.

Our bed, made pretty with towels, flower petals, and chocolate!

A beautiful pyramid at the Mayan ruins of Chicen-Itza.

Me, posing in front of the pyramid.

Josh and I tried forever to capture a photo of us with the pyramid in the background.  This is the best we could do.

A swimming hole... used to be a cave until the top collapsed in on itself.

Josh took a photo of me reading from one of my favorite authors, Ayn Rand.  I was SO excited to read that book!

The beach at our resort.  We stayed out and read until the sun went down :)  Josh is so artsy.

Josh and I one evening with our cervezas... Dos Equis.  mmmmmmmmm.

Mr. and Mrs. Mengel

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