Saturday, July 24, 2010

Still Moving In!

Josh's mom and brother came to visit for the last two days!  They were our first official visitors and it was super exciting :-)

We took them to Ocean City and played on the beach a bit and walked on the boardwalk.  I also got some Fisher's Popcorn, which was amazing, as usual.

I am currently organizing all of our important papers for our 'new' (slightly used from Craigslist) filing cabinet.  I am listening to Live while doing that and Josh is downstairs setting up all of his speakers.  As soon as we do those two things, our townhouse will be completely finished with the exception of putting up our decorations!  We are so excited.  Pictures will come soon :)

A bunch of my friends are at the Orff-Schulwerk teacher training right now in Rochester, NY.  I am beyond jealous.  I went last summer for Level I and I have to wait to go back because level II isn't offered until 2011.  Sad Face.

Well, Josh's job interview went really well.  They have asked him to come back for a second interview.  They have it narrowed down to two candidates.  They said the only thing that holds them back from hiring Josh is that he doesn't have much experience in diverse environments.  You know, growing up in Central PA and going to college in West Virginia.  So we will see how it goes.  We REALLY need this job... wish him luck!

By the way, if you want to come visit us, please do!  We are getting bored.

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