Thursday, July 15, 2010

It's Official...

...We are moving to Salisbury, MD!!!

I accepted a job at Pemberton Elementary School about two months ago but was waiting a while for an official announcement... as if I am a celebrity or something ridiculous.

Josh and I spent Monday and Tuesday in Salisbury looking for a place to live and found the most adorable, awesome townhouse.  I just can't wait to move in!

Here's the kicker.  Crime rates in Salisbury are high.  The city used to be beautiful, and now it is pretty ghetto.  Including the neighborhood of our new home.  But if truthfully was the best we could find!  We actually had to submit to criminal background checks to be tenants of this place!

Regardless, I am super excited to move and I can't wait to start a new life in a new place in our adorable new home.  My school is awesome.  My new job is awesome.

Josh has applied for a few jobs in the area and is still looking for something.  He actually has an interview on Wednesday and I am so excited for him!

We are exactly 30 minutes away from Ocean City.  Which is cool.  And there will always be plenty of stuff to keep us occupied... I am particularly excited about the huge organic farmer's market.

Just onnneeee little thing:  We know absolutely NO ONE.  I have a few family members a little north of us, but in our town: nothin'... nada zip.  So if you... yes, you... would like to come visit us, PLEASE DO.  We have a guest bedroom and can't wait for it to be occupied.  I will make you dinner, I promise.

We are moving on Monday!  Soon after I get everything settled in our new home, I will post pictures.  Eek.  Can't wait!


  1. Good luck with your move... we'll be thinking of you! Tell Josh good luck on his interview.
    Next time we visit DE we'll swing by to see you all :)

  2. Annie--PLEASE stop and see us! We need visitors :)