Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Best Honeymoon Story EVER--Part III (Scroll Down for Parts I & II)

Needless to say, she stamped our declarations immediately and we were on our way.  But Josh didn't forget to take the trash bag out of the can and take it with him.  He actually said, "I'm just going to take this with me!"  It was hysterical.

On a side note: Josh has never been out of the country.  He was HONESTLY scared that if an airport person saw him sick, they would immediately assume that he had acquired malaria or yellow fever from a foreign country and hold him in a holding tank in Houston forever... You know? so they could spare the American population.

So when multiple people came up to Josh and asked him if he was okay, he would just wave them off and say, "Airline sickness!  Airline sickness!"

We started on our way to get our luggage with only 15 minutes until our plane left.  Josh was about 20 steps behind me throwing up into a plastic trash bag while I was hauling a$$ through the Houston airport.  I got to the luggage claim things and of course our luggage was not there.  Our flight attendants said Baggage Claim #5, didn't they?  I wait another minute just in case.  Nope.  Then I finally look at the sign and it says Taiwan.  Yep, definitely not us.

I find our luggage eventually.  I grab our 50-lb suitcase, our 27-lb suitcase, my carry-on bag, my purse, and Josh's laptop and start booking it for the Customs baggage check.  (with Josh in tow a few steps behind me).

I throw all of our luggage on the belt and help Josh with his shoes and belt to go through the scanner.  After this, we look at the clock.  6:48.  Our plane leaves at 7:00.  And it is on THE OTHER SIDE of the airport.

I am practically running.  Josh is still a few steps behind me and is stopping every minute off to the side to heave into the trash bag.

We finally get there at about 6:55 or 6:56 and we are the last ones on the flight.  Josh hands off the bag, sits down in the seat, asks for a drink of water, and says he feels a little better after throwing up so much.

This flight is much better because I overdosed him on Dramamine soon after we got on the plane.  (Just kidding... it wasn't that much.)  We landed in Pittsburgh, took a shuttle to our car, and I drove us home to Morgantown.  We arrived at 1:30am.  Josh was still asleep from the meds.  He literally didn't wake up the next morning until about noon.

We later found out that he had strep throat.  Yes, seriously.  He took an old prescription of mine of penicillin and was fine :-)

But, honestly though, a GREAT story to tell the kids someday!

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