Monday, April 25, 2011


We spent the last few days in Cumberland, MD visiting my family for Easter/Spring Break.  I intended to do a lot of grad school work while I was there, but, you know how that goes...

We basically did nothing except visit, watch home videos, and eat.  That's what I usually do at my mom's house.  It's great.  Except: On the way home I started experiencing serious, serious tooth pain.  This has happened before in another tooth and it turned into a root canal.  YIKES!  So I am taking a sick day tomorrow and having an emergency dental appointment to (hopefully) get rid of this pain, which is almost unbearable.  (Anyone who has ever had an infection in the roots of their tooth know exactly what I am talking about--literally the worst pain of my life thus far)

We came back last night because we had a busy day today!  We woke up early, got some Dunkin' Donuts, watched a little TV, went to meet with our lender and applied for our mortgage which took forever, had sushi for lunch, went to our home inspection which went pretty well and also took forever, went to the mall for a haircut, came home and worked on my project for school, went to the gym, and now I am getting ready to make dinner and meet on Skype with my group from my grad school class to discuss our project.

I have been alternating Tylenol and Advil all day long and I am already well over the 24-hour dosage limit, but I have no choice.  On the other hand, a 5-day Spring break turned into a 6-day Spring break!

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  1. Oh no!!!! Keep me updated on the tooth! Hope it feels better!