Sunday, April 10, 2011

My Second Race

I ran yet another race!  It was another 5K and was sponsored by my school's PTA.  I beat my old time! My last time was 30:45 and yesterday my time was 29:54!  That was my only goal!

Josh's parents came and Brian (dad-in-law), Josh, and I all ran the race.  We all beat our old times.  ANNNDDDD we all placed in our age ranges!

Brian crossing the finish line

ME! crossing the finish line

Josh crossing the finish line

Me getting my GOLD medal for placing 1st in my age range! (Women ages 20-29).  It also turns out that I was the only runner in this group, but that's not important...
The three of us with our medals.  Josh got a silver medal and Brian received a gold medal!  (It's also not important that he was the only one in his age range!).  I am holding a basket with a coffee mug and a gift card to my favorite local, organic coffee shop that I won in a raffle :-)
Overall, not a bad day!  I also ran an 11.5 mile run today when Josh's parents left!  And I ordered new running shoes that should come in this week sometime!  YAY.

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