Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Great News!


1416  Ballinadee Dr, Salisbury - Residential - Beautiful two story home in a great location! Move-in ready. Large fenced-in backyard with in-ground sprinkler system. Newly painted interior. Newly updated lighting. Stainless steel appliances included. OPEN FLOOR PLAN.

After many crazy trials and tribulations, we finally bought a home!  And we love it :-)

Our closing date isn't until June 15, so even though it's pretty official, it's not like we have the key or anything yet.  But we can't wait to move in!  It is absolutely beautiful inside and I love everything about it.  Maybe there will even be a place for my tree wall mural!

OH! And the best part: There is a huge front and back yard and in the back yard is a beautiful wooden swing set with a slide!  Yes, that's right, a swing set.  Do I have kids? Nope.  Do I want kids soon? Nope.  Why is the swing set the best part then, you ask?  Because I can swing on it!

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