Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Oh yeah!

Spring Break is the greatest!  The past three days of school my students have either been preparing for our Spring Program, taking county-wide music assessments or playing Just Dance on the Wii with the gym classes.  That's right.  I was feeling burnt out so I literally spent the majority of my last 3 days dancing to Just Dance.  It was AWESOME.

We have lots of days off for our break.  I just finished my grad class for the night, so we are packing and leaving for Cumberland in the morning.  We will probably be there until Sunday evening.

Monday we are meeting with our lender to apply for our mortgage and then going right to OUR HOUSE for the inspection.  We are still soooo excited about our house!  I love absolutely everything about it.  Everything!  I wish I could move in today!

Have an awesome Easter and a great weekend!

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