Friday, November 18, 2011

Gallery Wall Part Dos

A Sequel to Gallery Wall Part Uno.  In a recent post, I mentioned that the gallery wall was no longer going to be in the living room.  Better judgement led us to believe that it belonged in the office.  So, true to younghouselove's tutorial (my favorite home-decor blog), we decided to use magazine pages cut to the size of each frame.  We labeled everything (of course) and arranged them on the wall in the office to figure out spacing issues. I filled all the frames with art that we I love, labeled them with numbers, cut the magazine pages to size and labeled those with the same numbers.  Then, I arranged the frames on the floor in a shape that I liked.

The rest was up to Josh.  His job was to "replicate" the floor version of frames with the paper on the wall taped with painter's tape.  This was his job, as he is the "spacing" and "measuring" person in our house.  I get overwhelmed with those things and I am certain that whatever part of the brain that deals with those things is missing from my body.  Anyway, here are some in-progress photos of our gallery wall, which I have more appropriately coined as "The Gallery Cloud".

Frames aligned on the floor with their respective magazine pages on top (to hide the art that will be revealed later)

Josh "hanging" the magazine pages in action.

The temporary final product (until frames are actually hung)

I love my cloud.  23 frames of happy.
On another note, I am headed to Cumberland this morning with Josh for my little brother's wedding, which is tomorrow!  Weird to think that my baby brother is going to soon be a husband.  I hope to take lots of pictures and share some details later :-)  Have a great weekend!

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