Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Before and Not-So-After: Kitchen

I just realized that I haven't shared the kitchen since we moved in.  Well, that's because it looks pretty much the same.  We like the color  A LOT, so we are definitely going to keep it.  We like the color of the cabinets, and there really isn't much wall space.  We will do some little things in the future to make it more personal, but for now we are happy.  The kitchen is also very difficult to photograph because it is narrow and small.


And after:

I bought that fruit bowl at Wal Mart (it was brown) for $5 and spray painted it white.  We like the curtains above the sink (for now), so we will keep them.  The picture on our window sill is one we found underneath the refrigerator while cleaning.  We have no idea who she is so we named her Ava and her semi-permanent home is the kitchen window.


We now have our coffee pot, tea kettle, and spice rack over here.  Thankfully, we registered for all stainless steel and black appliances and it just so happens that they match very well :-)  We added some wine bottles that were extras from our friends' wedding.  They might be there for a while.

All we did over here was put that monogrammed grocery list on the side of the fridge.  I would REALLY like a print of lemons and limes or some sort of fruit over on that wall.  I am desperately trying to bring more "nature" into our home.  Still looking...
I found these at Big Lots for $3 each and loved the print.  I really like leaves and I really like canvas.  Plus, they were the first step in bringing nature inside.

I thought it would be a good idea to hang them in different directions, but I have changed them since.  They are both hung the same way.

They do look greener in real life.

And I bought this cute thing at TJ Maxx when shopping in Morgantown a while ago with my mom.  I pictured putting three daisies in it, but this seems to work for now.  They are leaves and berries from one of my bushes outside.

There you have it.  I have a few ideas to make the kitchen more personal, but will probably wait to tackle those.  For now, I am still working on bringing nature inside :-)

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