Monday, November 7, 2011

Garage--Just for Fun

Yes, we have a garage.  It's just a one car garage but there is sooo much extra space for other stuff.  I do NOT like things to be unorganized, so the fact that I'm sharing this with you is big.  I have major plans for the organization pretty-ness of this garage.  First of all, we plan to use all of our WVU decorations from our old townhouse to "decorate" the garage.  That is, after we paint it.  It is all ready to be painted, but it definitely won't happen for a while... maybe next spring or summer?  

Josh installed those shelving units soon after we moved in.  As you can see, they are disorganized.  Yuck.  And there are still boxes underneath that we haven't unpacked from the move in JUNE!  Those stairs lead to a door in the foyer.  


And up next is our little sink area.  The shelf next to it is currently filled with spray paint and other paint-related things.  And tons of gallons of paint on the ground.  The previous owners left all of it, which are very grateful for.

This is an old dresser that I love (but doesn't really work well in our bedroom).  I am sending it back to my mom's as soon as we can get it there.

My goals for the garage are:
  1. Paint
  2. De-clutter
  3. Organize with lots of shelving/storage
  4. Have a place for all of our WVU decor/memorabilia.
Happy (or not-so-happy) Monday!

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